How To Give
Giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is easy! Give during any service using a Lottie Moon evelope (one was mailed to your home or they are available from any usher) or give online here. There will be a special offering emphasis on Sunday, December 11, but you can give anytime through December 31.

Who was Lottie Moon?
Lottie Moon was a Southern Baptist Missionary who lived and worked in China for almost 40 years. As a way to earn the trust of the people and show her goodwill, Lottie Moon made tea cakes for the children in her village in China. Once the children ate the cookies, they would take Lottie to their homes where she would share the gospel with their mothers. Lottie Moon wrote lots of letters home asking Southern Baptists for support. One of those letters triggered the first Christmas offering for international missions – and it was enough to send three new missionaries to China. That’s why the offering is called, “The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.”

What is the impact of the money given?

  • 4,903 missionaries are supported by the Lottie Moon Offering
  • It costs $51,000 per year to support a missionary. That is $140 a day, $981 a week, and $4250 a month.

Missionary Focus:
Throughout the month of December, we will be sharing more about our missionary families and their work to advance the Gospel around the world. Below are just a few of the families who are impacted by your gifts to Lottie Moon. Take time to pray for them and then prayerfully consider how you can participate.  To learn more about our international missionaries, click here.

  • November 27 – Chris & Rebecca
  • December 4 – Joey & Christy
  • December 11 – Andrew & Amy
  • December 18 – Josh & Amy

For more information on the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering or the work of the IMB, click here.